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The definitive guide to surviving cruise ship life, written by Simon Davis, a former staff  and crew  member, who lived and worked onboard the cruise ships of Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean Cruise  Lines.


He’s been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Find out the best jobs to go for and what to look out for. Sea Days and Port Days just what are they like ??? Just what is a crew bar ???


Top tips about living and working onboard a cruise ship. Departments. Which cruise line? What the cruise lines don’t tell you.  The pros and cons of working on a cruise ship.


How to avoid getting fired.  What is Coning?  The booze, where to go, what to avoid and surviving a sea day from hell.  How to get a job on cruise ship. Which department to work in? What are the best jobs to go for?  What jobs get you the most time off ??? What the $$$ ??  


The concessions onboard,what are they?  How to apply?  Worldwide Contacts, Names and Addresses of Employers and Agencies. Every single ship and every cruise line gone through in depth !!!Plus so much, much more !!! All the years and years of research are done for you so you don’t have to. All the information you’ll need to have a great career at sea.


- How to get a job on a cruise ship

and  survive cruise ship life

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Cruise Ship Life is NOT available in the shops and is currently only sold as a PDF Download on this website. Over 650 pages, Buy Now for only £9.99 and as soon as we receive your order we’ll send you this EXCLUSIVE book straight to your Paypal registered email address. Please note that NO REFUNDS, Returns or Cancellations can be made for PDF Downloads and/or e-book titles purchased from Cruise Ship Life, as they contain detailed copyright information, photos and data within, so please make sure you really want to change your life forever before ordering !!!  


WAS £9.99



How to Order “Cruise Ship Life: A Career at Sea”

“Cruise Ship Life: A Career at Sea” over 650 pages, the e-book is now available EXCLUSIVELY on this website, as a PDF Download, for £9.99. You’ll need Adobe Reader installed to read it (Available free from Adobe at and can be read on both PC or Mac.

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