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 Change your life forever

Cruise Ship Life.......

“When I flew out to Miami, Florida to join my very first cruise ship....What followed would change my life forever.....

The places I went to, the people I met, the things I did,  the girls, the parties, the work, the crew bars and the drinking.... I survived the lifestyle for 5 years, but many stay much  longer, it was an adventure of a lifetime. The experience  was amazing and something I’ll never forget. You too can do the same.. I’ll show you how !!!”

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Cruise Ship Life:A Career at Sea

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What is ship life all about? ???

- find out what its really like at sea !!!

- is cruise ship life for me ???

- what can I expect ???

- is the money any good ???

- will I have a good time ???

- will I make new friends ???

Ocho Rios, Jamaica - West Indies  Caribbean




Cruise Ship Life

“A day without a crew bar is like a day without a sunrise !!!”

“Strange things happen at sea...if you’re lucky !!!”

“Nothing could be finer then to wake up with a Steiner !!!”

Cozumel, Mexico - Caribbean

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